What is Derbyology?

It’s something between the pivot line (that does exist), jammer line, philosophy, and psychology. We aim to provide one of kind fun, roller derby shirts  and products across the vast community of fans, players, officials and volunteers.

Make sure to come back to our site OFTEN, we’ll be adding more products all the time.

What’s with the Derbyology Shirts with a Pink & Blue ‘Stache?

We LOVE Non-Skating Officials, and these shirts are for everyone to show their support for hard working officials in the pink and blue uniforms.

Why are your shirts available only in black on white, or white on black?

All for the better to scrimmage with. For any Derbyology shirt is clearly scrimmage ready. Make sure to add “Scrimmage-ify” to your order. This will give you up to 12 characters on the back of your shirt, and up to 4 digit number on the back of your shirt AND both sleeves.

Some shirts are available in other colors, and custom work is always available.

Why don’t you sell skates, packages, gear?

We love our community, and those that we have shown loyalty to through the years. We encourage you to continue to support those businesses.

What kind of derby do you support?

All! Whether your league is WFTDA, WFTDA AP, “WFTDA-Aspiring”, WORD, MADE, MRDA, JRDA, OSDA, Rec, Bank, Flat; a player, fan, or official we support you.

Can you do a custom shirt for me/us/our league?

Absolutely! Our creative team can work with your concepts and produce something amazing. Email us at info@derbyology.com rates.

Work produced by Derbyology becomes intellectual property and all rights are reserved for it’s use by Derbyology. But, if your concept sells enough shirts, we will provide incentives for supporting the community.

Why all the ‘staches?

Derbology’s ‘stache items  are designed to celebrate the playfulness of derby and the  officials who keep the games as orderly as humanly possible. Also check out Cubs face!

No skates or other hardware related products?

We want to bring our own flair to the Derby community without taking customers from others.

Do you support all kinds of Derby?

You’d better believe it! We love all kinds of derby! Women’s derby, men’s derby, junior derby, co-ed derby, lemur derby. Ok maybe not lemur derby but we do love lemurs and if you get enough together for a bout we are so there. We support all disciplines of roller derby flat or banked.

There’s some special I need. / I like this design, but… / I have my own design. Can you guys help me?

Absolutely. Email us at info@derbyology.com and let see how we can make your derby dreams & needs come true.